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Certified Coaching Courses


Sales and Sales Management 

  • Strategies to open the sales call   View
  • Relationship Selling Model   View
  • Strategies to close the sales call   View
  • Benefit Selling Model   View
  • Managing Sales Objections   View

Executive Skills

  • Use of Electronic Tools in Business Communication    View
  • Let's learn to listen    View
  • Business Writing Skills    View
  • Business Writing Skills- E-mail Writing    View
  • Business Writing Skills- Report writing    View
  • Business Writing Skills- Grammar & Vocabulary (Basic)    View
  • Business Writing Skills- Grammar & Vocabulary (Advance)    View
  • Empathetic Communication    View
  • Know the professional Work habits    View

Personal Effectiveness

  • Persuasion Skills    View
  • Being Assertive- An attempt to change one’s perspective   View
  • WIN - WIN Approach    View
  • Art of Influencing    View
  • Work Life Balance    View
  • Winspirational Attitude    View
  • Healthy working relationship    View
  • Stress Management    View
  • Anger Management    View
  • Impression Management    View
  • Parenting with Purpose    View
  • Voice and Accent Training    View
  • Goal Management    View
  • Career Counseling    View


    1. Certificate Course On Personal Change    View
    2. Certificate Training Course On Entrepreneurship Management    View
    3. Practicing Certificate Training Course In Human Resource Consultancy    View
    4. Certified High Performance Training Skills Workshop    View
    5. Certificate Course in Business Communication    View
    6. Certified Business Professionals    View
    7. Certified Learning and Development Coach    View
    8. Certified Business English Skills    View
    9. Invent Success    View
    10. Personality Development    View
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